Choreographies of Disclosure, Premiere Exhibition, Pro Arts Gallery (Oakland), 2019.

Curated and organized by Jadelynn Stahl.

Participating Artists: Eliza Barrios, Cassandra Clark, Oriana Doria-Quesada, Leslie Dreyer, Kin Folkz, Lydia Greer, Angela Hennessy, Jo Howard, Vanessa Rochelle Lewis, LeahAnn Mitchell #lamfemmebear, Quinn Peck, Reaa Puri, Azin Seraj, The Haus of Devine and Jadelynn Stahl.

Banner Image: The main gallery of the Premiere Exhibition from left to right – Hysteria (video still), Lydia Greer, 2019; Persistent Moons: Bodies of Survival, Angela Hennessy, 2019; A Collection of Scars, Quinn Peck, 2018-2019; Interstice (video still), Eliza Barrios, 2019; Visioning Textiles, Jadelynn Stahl with Community Participation, 2019.

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